For many years, there had been an annual Bible Conference in Thailand which was attended and taught by some American pastors. In 2013, the Lord called Paul Brown, and his wife Susan, away from pastoring a church in Oklahoma to expand that short-term Bible Conference into a full-time ministry. There have been many challenges for the ministry in this transition that included issues with local leaders. But today, this ministry is flourishing as they train Christian pastors in southeast Asia in theology and equip them for evangelism and discipleship.

The Brown's have "adopted" several children and have continually tried to open their home and their hearts to the local people - both the Thai and the surrounding tribal peoples. They have been able to influence Christians from around the region, including Burma, Cambodia, and Laos.  We have been a part of the financial and prayer support for them since they left a few years ago.

Pray with us that they will persevere with the preaching of the Gospel and the training of others to do the same.  Pray that they will be a help to the children that live with them.
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